Mysteries of the Orient

A Spectacular 16 Day Tour of China

This astonishing experience will leave you forever changed as you immerse yourself in the rich culture of the orient. You’ll see, hear, taste, and feel each incredible destination as we journey through this land of mystery and intrigue.

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Begin your eye-popping itinerary in Los Angeles where you board your flight to Beijing.

Once you land in Beijing, you are whisked to Tiananmen Square and the Imperial Palace at the Forbidden City. Exotic sights will fill your eyes on your way to a pearl factory to learn a little about these quintessential gems.

After a good night’s sleep…

You’ll visit the Great Wall of China and stop in at a Jade museum to learn a little of the four thousand years of Chinese jade history. Daily optional tours will thrill and amaze you as your tour near the Chinese capital city before jetting off to Yichang on the Yangtzee River.

On board and during excursions, you’ll spend some time learning Tai Chi, visit towns along the river and cruise through awe-inspiring gorges during the day while catching cultural and musical shows on board in the evenings. 

Three action and adventure-packed days later

You’ll disembark and climb aboard the bullet train to Xian, where you will visit the home of the world-famous Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses.

From Xian, it’s a quick flight to Shanghai for a visit to a Chinese silk factory and the Bund, a five-block riverfront promenade boasting views and banks. You’ll have time to see the sights and get a little souvenir shopping in before your flight to Chengdu.

A spiritual experience awaits nearby…

A short drive from Chengdu is the Dujiangyan Panda Base. Once you get your gloves and overalls, you’ll get to chip in with the staff and prepare panda food and a few other chores before you get a chance to feed the pandas. There will be plenty of time for photos and walking around before lunch and your personal minute cuddling a panda for a photo op of your own!

Still buzzing from your astonishing Asian adventure, you’ll pack up and head back to Los Angeles to share photos and memories with friends and family.