Planning Your First Alaskan Adventure

The excitement that stems from planning your first Alaskan cruise… but where to start?

Do I just take a cruise or do I want to spend some time doing a tour?

Great news you can do either one!

However, if you want to have more opportunity to see the wildlife and explore the landscape; I highly recommend that you incorporate a land portion into your cruise. You could do as I and go into Anchorage 3 days before the rest of my group gets there in order to explore the countryside more.

Then a few more of the group will be joining me and Princess Cruise lines for their 5 night land excursion, which includes 1 night in Anchorage, 2 nights at the Denali Lodge and 2 nights at the Mt. McKinley Princess Lodge, day trips and an amazing transfer to catch our ship in Whittier via rail in a dome car.

​This is where the rest of the group will join us for the cruise to Vancouver. 

The next big decision: (Tour options)

What do I do once I get there? Is there anything to see?


Do you want to catch your own salmon it, have someone smoke, package it up and send it home for you? Do it! Have you always dreamed of being pulled by a dog team through the snow? Do it!

Do you want to see Eagle’s in their natural habitat? Or black bear? Do it!

What about visiting a wildlife conservation center where you might be able to feed a moose calf by bottle?Do it! (possibly, I always hope there aren’t any orphans; I’d rather have them safe and sound in the wild)

Is being piloted in a float plane or helicopter over Alaska or her glaciers on your bucket list? Do it!

As you can see there are so many options and these ideas are only the tip of the glacier (yes, I am taking artistic liberties with the quote)

Contact me to help you make the most of your Alaskan dream vacation.