The Private Balcony That… Isn’t.

So, you have just gotten out of the shower and have a towel wrapped around you, you look out the balcony doors and see a pod of dolphin jumping in and out of the water below. You quickly think to yourself, “these are private balconies, the dividers are frosted and the room is behind me so no problem if I grab my camera and run out on the balcony holding the towel up to my front, I’ll be covered in case another ship comes by”.

So, you do, because you forgot that you are in the cabin below all of the cabins above you.

Now there is clamoring from above, gasps, giggles and downright laughter. You think to yourself, “aw, everyone is enjoying the dolphins as much as I am” until you turn around to head inside the room and notice movement overhead.

Binoculars and cameras are now pointed your way and not at the ocean.

Red-faced you run into your cabin and have learned that not all balconies are private. 

That scenario was a little extreme however while on our last group cruise in Alaska one of my clients did find himself distracted from the glaciers by a passenger in black undies and a towel.

Always, always, always be aware of your surroundings and wear a robe! 

There are some panorama balconies where the deck above you sticks out almost as far as your railing and you might be okay but I say “better safe, than sorry”.